Recycled Stationery Products

Recycled stationery now forms a significant part of our recycled range of products.
There has been an increased focus on sustainable procurement partucularly within the public sector and we are able to assist all businesses with the sourcing of products with recycled content for stationery or promotional use.

With recorded expenditure on recycled products increasing, and in a climate of strict financial controls, this could be seen as evidence of the increasing success of switching to recycled products both in terms of the quality and actual costs of the recycled products available.
Over the past few years as demand has grown for recycled products so has the number of different items available with recycled content whilst the costs of purchasing recycled items has fallen, allowing them to become a real alternative to normal purchases.

polypropylene covered wire notebooks
recycled content pens
recycled card folders
recycled content  pencils
recycled paper sticky notes

We can supply many stationery items used everyday within an office environment not only at competitive prices but with the added bonus of having recycled content.

Our recycled products are made from various recycled materials from recycled vending cups to recycled CD Cases and recycled paper to recycled tyres through to recycled leather.
Many items can be supplied plain, without additional print, and naturally all our recycled stationery can be imprinted with your company brand, logo or special message slogan. Stationery is an area where consumption of products can be quite high so why not incorporate recycled content stationery within your purchasing and perhaps buy back some of the vending cups that your company may already be recycling!

If you would like a quotation for some recycled stationery to compare with your current purchases please contact us now!

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