Recycled Polystyrene Products

These products are all made from recycled CD cases and add yet more colour to our recycled ranges.

recycled polystyrene whistle
recycled polystyrene yoyo
boomerangmade from recycled polystyrene

Recycled Whistle


Recycled Yo-yo


Recycled Boomerang


flyer made from recycled polystyrene
recycled polystyrene ice scrapers
recycled polystyrene jumbo paper clip

Recycled Flyer


Recycled T Icescrapers


Recycled Jumbo Paperclip


coasters made from recycled polystyrene

Recycled Coasters



Click pictures or contact us for further details

We also have selections of Recycled Tyre Products,
Recycled Tetrapak Products and Recycled Vending Cup Products

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