Made from recycled materials

Recycled Vending Cup Pencils
recycled video cassette pencils
Recycled CD Case Pencils
Recycled Vending Cup Pencils
Recycled Video Cassette Pencils
Recycled CD Case Pencils
Recycled paper pencils
Sustainable Colour pencils
Recycled Denim Pencils
Recycled Paper Pencils
Sustainable Colouring Pencils
Recycled Denim Pencils
recycled money pencil
Recycled Foil Pencil
recycled plastic pencils
Recycled Money Pencils
Recycled Foil Pencil
Recycled Plastic Pencils
recycled mechanical pencils
sustainable colouring pencils
Recycled Mechanical Pencils
Boxed Pencil Crayons


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Pencil trivia recycled for your interest

A typical pencil can write 45000 words or draw a line 35 miles long.

Most American pencils are eraser tipped, however the majority sold in Europe do not have an eraser.

The most popular colour of a pencil came to be yellow.
In the 1800's the best graphite came from China. For manufacturers to communicate that they used this graphite the pencils began to be painted yellow, which in China is associated with royalty & respect.

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