Recycled Promotional Paper Products

Recycled paper products were one of the first products available using recycled materials and can now be used to great promotional effect.
All the below paper items are available made using recycled paper however as costs for this commodity still fluctuate please contact us for current pricing to ensure that you benefit from the best possible prices.

Printed recycled paper products

Recycled promotional paper pads
recycled jot-mate pads
recycled sticky notes
wedged recycled paper blocks
Recycled paper desk pads
Recycled Logo-Mate Pads
Recycled Jot-Mate Paper Pads
Recycled Sticky notes
Recycled wedged paper pads
Recycled Desk Pads
recycled paper note blocks
recycled paper sticky note block
recycled twinmate paper pads
recycled pallet style paper blocks
recycled wire bound notebooks
Recycled Block Pads
Recycled Sticky note block
Recycled Twin-mate Pads
Recycled Pallet note blocks
Recycled wiro notebooks

Take a look at our latest promotional recycled products


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