Recycled Educational Products for Schools

Recycled products can be used as an educational tool within schools. Often students are familiar with, even if hesitant about, the concept of recycling their waste and yet have limited experience of what can happen to items that have been recycled.

Our products can be directly related to items that have been recycled whether this be vending cups, tyres, plastics or paper visably demonstrating that things do happen with the recycling items once they have been sent away.
If undertaking a recycling initiative within your school our products are an excellant way to motivate or reward students for their recycling efforts.

recycled cd case pencils
recycled plastic mug
recycled tyre pencil case
recycled paper diary
recycled car part pens
recycled document wallets
recycled tyre mouse mats
recycled paper pads
sustainable colouring pencils

Available printed or plain our very competitvely priced recycled products are also great for school fundraising purposes!



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