Recycled Content
Promotional Business Gifts

Promotional business gifts made using redundant currency, denim scraps, newsprint & yellow pages.

recycled content frames
recycled content visors
recycled content memo holder
recycled content piggy banks

Recycled Picture Frames


Recycled Visors


Recycled Memo Holders


Recycled Piggy Banks


recycled content ice scrapers
recycled content combs
recycled content mugs
recycled content coasters

Recycled Ice Scrappers


Recycled Combs


Recycled Mugs


Recycled Coasters


recycled content key tags
recycled content 12 rulers
recycled content 6 rulers

Recycled Key Tags

Recycled 12inch Rulers

Recycled 6inch Rulers


These recycled content promotional business gifts are made from recycled denim scraps, recycled newprint, recycled currency,recycled yellow pages or 100% recycled PET.
Product colour varies dependant on the recycled content.

We also have the following ranges available

Recycled Tetra Pak Products
Recycled Vending Cup Products
Recycled Tyre Products


The Directory Recycling Project

The Directory Recycling Project aims to increase the numbers of Phone Books and Yellow Pages recycled
throughout the UK. The Project works in partnership with local autorities, recyclers, community networks
and other interested parties to improve and promote opportunities for directory recycling.

If you have a query about directory recycling please telephone 0800 783 1592 between 9am and 5pm
Monday to Friday.

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