Recycled Business Gifts - UPDATE JANUARY 2006

The past six months have seen an undoubted increase in the number of recycled content products available to the stationery and promotional gift product markets.

This is good news because as demand increases this can only mean still better prices for our clients as costs should be brought down. Already we are able to offer lower minimum quantities on a number of our established recycled items.
Please dont miss our latest recycled gifts page.

Recycled CD cases are now a popular component within our products and a notable inclusion is with the change to some of our pencils. Instead of all being made with recycled vending cups the coloured ones are now produced using CD cases.
Car parts also feature within our extended range of pens and perhaps compliment the use of recycled tyres within some of our other products.

A more upmarket addition to our range is that of some recycled leather products. A perfect idea for an important conference our folders are sure to provide the owner with years of practical, yet recycled, use.

Last year we introduced a scheme to identify which of our products were made in the UK.
Not only has this proved to be of valuable assistance to our clients but it also proved to be a hit with several of our suppliers and competitors who we notice are also now promoting made in the UK slogans - remember where you saw this first!

Remember too, you aren't recycling unless you are also buying recycled!!

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