Our very latest recycled and sustainable products

A variety of products for promotional use all made from recycled or sustainable materials.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for full product details.

supreme recycled mug
recycled cd case highlighter
Supreme Recycled Mug
Recycled CD Case Highlighter
recycled trolley coin keyring
recycled ruler sticky notes
the twig pen
Recycled Trolley Coin Keyring
Recycled Ruler Sticky Notes
The Twig Pen
bic full colour recycled sticky note
recycled triangular barrel pen
bic ecolutions clic stic digital
Process print sticky notes from BIC®

BIC® Tri stic ecolution pen

Digital print recycled pens from Bic® Ecolutions™ range

wooden cluthc pencil set
wooden keyring
wooden pencil cases
Wooden Clutch Pencil Set
Wooden Keyring
Wooden Pencil Cases
recycled white document wallet
recycled card sunshade
recycled polypropylene pen holding notepads
White Recycled Products

Recycled Card Sunshade

Recycled Pen Holding Notepads

recycled pen pad
bic recycled zippered tote bag
recycled paper pad
Recycled Pen Pad
Prints full colour!

Recycled PET Zip Tote

Recycled Conference Pads
Three sizes & prints full colour!

wooden spinning top
solar power mini car
timba pen and pencil

Wooden Spinning Top

Solar Miniture Car

Wooden Timba Pen & Pencil

biodegradable key pens
biodegradable sports bottles
biodegradable boomerang
Biodegradable Key Ring Pens

Biodegradable Sports Bottles

Biodegradable Boomerang

BiC ecolutions
recycled paper and board calendars
recycled PET shopper bag

BiC Ecolutions


Recycled Calendars


Recycled PET Shopper Bag


red and blue recycled mugs
organic cotton pencil cases
eco mouse mat

Recycled Mugs with Colour


Organic Cotton Pencil Cases


Eco Mats


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