E Leather

E Leather is unlike any other recycled leather material on the market and is made from recycled leather fibres. Off-cuts of wet-blue waste leather, instead of being sent to landfill is uniquely combine by a patented process and reformed into a soft, high quality finished material - E Leather.

Many bonded or leather board products are now being placed under the recycled banner however adhesives and resins are used in their manufacture and E leather can also boast as being more environment friendly than these items as neither is used in it's production. Use of high pressure water jets and an integral textile reinforced core through which fibres are forced is involved in the E leather process.

E Leather's Environmental Benefits

E Leather is manufactured with a continuous closed-loop system which recycles all water used, oil-based adhesives used in conventional bonded leather have been removed from the process and any emissions are thermally oxidated with the energy generated fed back into the manufacturing process.
The carbon footprint of E leather is not only reduced by the way it is manufactured but also in terms of freight transportation is lower than some other products as it is made in the UK.

Performance Quality of E Leather

Given the percentage of leather fibre E Leather is absorbent to water vapour and provides a more soft and flexible product than achieved with leather board or bonded leather. It is the increased elasticity that improves the finished feel and quality of the finished goods. E Leather material is both high and consistent in tear and tensile performance tests.

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