Earth Positive™
Climate Neutral Apparel

EarthPositive™ apparel is climate neutral and a green revolution for promotional clothing.
Organic, ethically made and manufactured using renewable energy.

soil association certified

EarthPositive™ clothing is 100% organic and certified by the soil association

Oeko-Tex logo

EarthPositive™ apparel is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Class 1.
This is a guarantee of the safety of textiles and dyestuffs to human health, indicating also the care taken to adopt environmentally friendly production methods.

fair wear foundation logo

EarthPositive™ manufacturing facilities have been audited by the Fair Wear Foundation and are being licensed by the FLO - Fairtrade Labelling Organisation.

wind power logo

EarthPositive™ gains it's primary source of energy from wind power.
The cotton farms are 'low impact', transportation is by container only and UK distribution warehouses are carbon neutral that also use renewable green electricity.

Climate neutral means that gas emmissions have been reduced to pre-industrial levels through low-impact (low emission) organic agriculture and carbon neutral industrial manufacturing.

We believe, as do EarthPositive™, that to change usual business practice and genuinely reduce emissions is the way forward with regard to reducing our effect on global warming. We use a UK printer for this promotional clothing who has state of the art, high efficiency machinery and uses green electricity. We thereby continue the trend in keeping the carbon footprint of these products as low as possible.


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